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Our Beautiful Orchard

Orchard Apple trees

Our 5 acre orchard was established in the mid eighties.  When we purchased it, we knew nothing about growing apples.  It had been neglected for several years, so with the help of an orchard specialist, we brought it back to its former glory.  

We then began crafting cider from the apples that we grew.  We know exactly what apples go into each batch giving it a consistent flavour. The Corberrie terroir makes our sparkling cider one that is crisp, refreshing and unique.

Meet our Family


Denise Flynn


Denise is the owner and 

cidermaker at Corberrie Cider Company. She learned the art of cider making by experimenting with different varieties of apples and also took a cider making course from Brock University in Ontario.  She is also a Dental Hygienist, loves reading, learning and the outdoors.

Derek Flynn

Apple Grower

Derek is our apple grower and the caretaker at our orchard.  He is a Forest Technician as well as a carpenter. 

He also loves hunting and enjoys  the outdoors.

In his picking basket in this photo, he's holding the cutest apple we've ever found. She is Denise's cousin Mélodie.


Orchard Pup

Reese is our beautiful ChocolateLabrador Retriever. She keeps us company when we are working in the orchard and lets know when we have visitors.  She is very friendly, loves people and other dogs.  When people bring their dogs to visit the orchard, we ask that they are kept on leash at all times.

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